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Professional treatment – Melasma is the most common hyperpigmentation disorder and it affects millions of people around the glove. It is normally characterized by hyperchromic stains symmetrically localized at the centre of the face, on cheeks or at the lower region of the face.

Many factors are involved in the apparition of melasma being sun exposure the most important of them. It is corroborated that there is some genetic susceptibility to suffer it. Moreover, specialists believe that hormone changes are also involved in their apparition: pregnancy, use of contraceptives, alterations in thyroid function, the use of some medications and or certain cosmetics.

Survives conduced in different populations revealed that even a small affection of melasma in the facial area can lead to significant emotional and psychological affliction, that is why treating it appropriately is so important.

MeLine range of products developed in Innoaesthetics Laboratories, thanks to the join efforts of our R&D department and our medical department, offers an innovative therapeutic activity.  Deep knowledge regarding the development and evolution of the melasma and how it affects to the different skin phototypes and to a specific area has allow our specialist to design products that treat these specific skin pigmentation problems in a safe and effective way.

Many scientific investigations have led us to find the ideal formula: a combination of active ingredients that acts on pre-synthesis of melanin, as well as on the direct activity (synthesis) and post-synthesis of tyrosinase controlling then the different stages that are involved in the deposit of melanin on the tissues and the constitution of a pigmented stain.

MeLine Caucasian Skin products are essentially addressed to the treatment of melasma in skin phototypes I – IV. The synergy of its actives allows: the inhibition of hormonal activity on the melanocyte, controlling the activity of free radicals, improving the condition of the epidermal tissue, chelation of the minerals that activate enzymatic activity, blocking tyrosinase activity, promoting epidermal renewal to remove the content of pigment in the cell.

The treatment protocol includes two homecare products that work in synergy and complement the professional treatment applied by the specialist. These two products will help to control the activity of melanin and the production of tyrosinase enzyme. They are essential to complete the treatment as they enhance its efficacy and prolong its effects.



Professional treatment – We should never forget that Melasma prevails among people with dark skin. While approximately only an 8,8% of Latin women are affected of Melasma, a 40% of population suffer this affection in South Asia. It can be caused by the presence of melanocytes biologically more active in the affected skin instead of a simple increase of melanocytes. The incidence of melasma among the same members of a family suggests that there is also a genetic susceptibility. Sun exposure exacerbates this alteration probably because the positive regulation induced by ultraviolet radiation on melanocyte-stimulating cytokines.

Another aspect to consider when treating ethnic skins is the development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations in which the pigment (as it happens with affections of melasma) can be deposited only in the epidermis or in both, dermis and epidermis. It is mostly caused by acne, atopic dermatitis, irritant, allergic and/or contact dermatitis, trauma, psoriasis, lichen planus and drug eruptions. Skin trauma or inflammation can either increase or reduce the production of melanocytes.  It is believed that hyperpigmentation is caused by the activity of cytokines, mediators of inflammation and reactive oxygen species.

It is extremely important for dark -skinned people to use different methods to control and reduce the pigmentation. Ideal hypopigmenting agents should have a controlled and selective effect upon melanocytes not entailing any risks of adverse effects. These agents can act on many stages during the melanin production and degradation processes such as: tyrosinase transcription and activationtyrosinase related protein 1 (TRP-1), tyrosinase related protein 2 (TRP-2) and/or peroxidase; capitation and distribution of melanosomes among kerotinocytes; and melanosomic degradation and rotation of “pigmented” keratinocytes.

Moreover, the use of broad spectrum sunscreen effectively prevents the apparition melasma and also cooperates with other topical therapies when treating this affection.

All the aspects mentioned above were taken into consideration when developing MeLine Ethnic Skin in order to guarantee a safe and effective product for the treatment of these affections that can also entail some emotional and psychological repercussions to dark-skinned people.



Professional treatment – Me Line Spot have been created to treat pigmentary lesions such as solar, actinic or senile lentigo which consists of a brown/black spot that can present either homogeneous or heterogeneous pigmentation. These types of lesions are induced by natural or artificial ultraviolet light. The lentigo generally has a flat or slightly depressed surface but occasionally they can present a wrinkled surface normally surrounded by normal-appearance skin. Over time, they can increase in size and number and even converse together forming a bigger patch. One particularity of the solar lentigo is that when observing it with epiluminescence microscopy we see that the pigmented area is cross-linked.

Generally, these types of lesions appear in skin phototypes I-III, usually in face, forearm, back of the hands and upper torso. It is very important to establish the differential diagnosis between ephelides (freckles), seborrheic keratosis and lentigo maligna.

Solar lentigo is not a condition that requires treatment but its presence means that there is a photodamage and it has an aesthetic repercussion. The ideal treatment for solar lentigo should be cheap, achieve results quickly, it should not obstruct social life and should not present any risks. These affections are particularly difficult to treat when they are localized in the hands as the dermis and epidermis are thinner at this area, circulation is poor, they have not many polysebaceous units and a visible tendency to scar. So, scars could appear when treating these affections in hands.

Innoaesthetics laboratory, always on the cutting-edge, proposes a high safe and effective treatment that combines a depigmenting effect with an epidermolytic activity that favours the improvement of the lesion with no risk of leaving scars.



Professional treatment – If we search on the Internet information about aesthetical procedures in intimate parts we will find thousands of webpages specialized on the subject. It means that gynecological aesthetic procedures are arousing more and more curiosity among the patients who come to the medical office to resolve their queries about this subject that is becoming more popular every day.

Many procedures have been proposed for the improvement of this area and most of them were basically surgical methods. Nevertheless, many minimally invasive or non-invasive techniques have been developepd during the last years  and have been very usefull for the aesthetical improvement of  this area.

Patients are mainly worried about the irregularities and diffences on skin color of the intimate parts. This situation has encouraged the specialists to use some products that are like those designed to treat skin aging and to remove pigmented spots on face. Nevertheless, as the intimate parts have a unique anatomical structure, we have been carrying out methiculous studies to determinate the most appropriate ingredients and the ideal concentrations in order to achieve optimal results without causing any adverse effects.

All these investigations have led us to the development of this new product, INTIMATE, that has proved to be very effective for the improvement of color uniformity and overall skin appearance without causing any adverse effects. MeLine Intimate represents a great option to treat these disorders and its efficacy is backed up by scientific trials. In conclusion, this product achieves very satisfactory results.



Professional treatment – The MeLine Dark Circles in-clinic treatment targets pigmentation, melano-hematic pigmentation and helps to reduce the visible signs of photo ageing. The treatment is proving to be a winner!

The treatment involves the application of two different professional solutions to the under eye area. The solutions are formulated with a combination of Chloroacetic acid, Lactic acid, Phytic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, to provide exfoliating action and depigmenting properties to combat skin darkening in the periorbital region.

 The treatment takes around 30 minutes in total, and although you will leave the clinic a little pink, the depigmentation peel is specifically developed for this delicate area. During treatment, it’s normal to feel a slight tingling sensation but it’s comfortable and once the treatment is complete, you’re good to go!

 Post-treatment results are reviewed at 12 weeks, with further improvements anticipated with time, if home care protocols are followed for the recommended period of time.




  • Reduces the appearance of signs of aging
  • Visible results in a few days
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Easily tolerated cosmetic effects
  • Applicable to any skin phototype


The skin is subject to numerous environmental stressors which can affect the way our skin looks, feels and its overall health.

Cimel™ products were developed with a focus on improving the appearance of skin that has become dry, wrinkled, uneven and needs to be rejuvenated!

From tighter pores, to brighter skin, this is the line you’ve been waiting for.

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